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the summer of summaries.

part 1: from then to now
42 weeks since my last post--just 10 weeks shy of a year.

it's been an interesting ride these past 6 years with LJ at fingertips' bay. through the years of my participation on this medium i have learned "a lot". but like always, no amount of knowledge seems to ultimately matter. looking back it greatly appears that i only bothered to learn so much because that is how i understood (understand) pleasure; pleasure = knowledge. it's very difficult for a mind to comprehend physical pleasure as being pleasurable when knowledge is far more rewarding and applicable--logically speaking. note that i am not suggesting i experience life through only my brain; read on.

i think my most difficult to grasp yet most important lesson would be this: i know nothing... but i feel much. feeling has a liquidity to it that knowledge, in retrospect, cannot alone convey by simple means. for me the regidity of knowledge resists the fluidity of feeling which results in, at times, immense confusion during communication exchange... i suppose the last statement's been "said and done" before with the left-brain vs right-brain/feeling vs thinking model... however it is a truce to me now that it has fathomed me through my life's experience.

part 2: supplemental info
i no longer feel comfortable with the sub-internet-identity "phrolic." as such, i will never duplicate it elsewhere, though where ever it may currently exist, it will continue to exist.

part 3.
thanks to everyone who read my shit on here. i now keep a more fundamental blog at blogspot.

don't waste your life. live, love, learn. just be. but keep it real.


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