Mr. Wrinkle Dumpling (phrolic) wrote,
Mr. Wrinkle Dumpling

old news, part 2... or simply, Stuff I wrote in my paper journal.

Everything was unfamiliar when I awoke amid'dle my slumber... Every molecule, every microbe, all essence except my own, foreign... and it remained like this, foreign. it still is... always will be foreign... Familiarity arises only with what I put myself into. It's easy-- to do that.
But it is not enough. I ... am not enough.

So hungry...

You can mark me out, exclude me from your temporal/temorary world all you like. You can "forget" me, "abuse" me, use me as your excuse for "reason"; you can lie about me, pretend I'm not there. You can even write passionately about me whilst thinking you haven't even touched ground on me, but I am all your thoughts, projections, feelings, perceptions are made of. You can imagine "differentiation" between "you" and "I" all "you" like, but I am all you could ever be. I am the only essence which ever was or could be. I AM the only "thing" that could set you/me free. All and every--Nothing in particular.

I AM "the supreme being" permeating our infinities.
There is no difference between "you" or "I", silly dream...
Unfocused and jaded with collapse, still, there is no difference.
I am the Basic. All else is but expression of me.
If I "forgot", you would "re-member".

The point? That is for you to create.
I AM, after all, The Basic.

So... hungry...

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