the summer of summaries.

part 1: from then to now
42 weeks since my last post--just 10 weeks shy of a year.

it's been an interesting ride these past 6 years with LJ at fingertips' bay. through the years of my participation on this medium i have learned "a lot". but like always, no amount of knowledge seems to ultimately matter. looking back it greatly appears that i only bothered to learn so much because that is how i understood (understand) pleasure; pleasure = knowledge. it's very difficult for a mind to comprehend physical pleasure as being pleasurable when knowledge is far more rewarding and applicable--logically speaking. note that i am not suggesting i experience life through only my brain; read on.

i think my most difficult to grasp yet most important lesson would be this: i know nothing... but i feel much. feeling has a liquidity to it that knowledge, in retrospect, cannot alone convey by simple means. for me the regidity of knowledge resists the fluidity of feeling which results in, at times, immense confusion during communication exchange... i suppose the last statement's been "said and done" before with the left-brain vs right-brain/feeling vs thinking model... however it is a truce to me now that it has fathomed me through my life's experience.

part 2: supplemental info
i no longer feel comfortable with the sub-internet-identity "phrolic." as such, i will never duplicate it elsewhere, though where ever it may currently exist, it will continue to exist.

part 3.
thanks to everyone who read my shit on here. i now keep a more fundamental blog at blogspot.

don't waste your life. live, love, learn. just be. but keep it real.

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hello oktober, it is good to be here with you again [and yet i want you gone]

why on EARTH in this sect of SPACE and TIME did i DREAM that prezident bUSH was actually rallying for PEACE and UNITY with hippies and people who might otherwise be considered open minded?!

is this some kind of parallel reality?? a space-joke????? subliminal messaging?? or perhaps a reflection on the perspectives that those who once [or dare i type, Still Do] support[ed] Meister bUSH have on his agendas (puke)?

a most baffling circumstance...
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the past inside the present

old news, part 2... or simply, Stuff I wrote in my paper journal.

Everything was unfamiliar when I awoke amid'dle my slumber... Every molecule, every microbe, all essence except my own, foreign... and it remained like this, foreign. it still is... always will be foreign... Familiarity arises only with what I put myself into. It's easy-- to do that.
But it is not enough. I ... am not enough.

So hungry...

You can mark me out, exclude me from your temporal/temorary world all you like. You can "forget" me, "abuse" me, use me as your excuse for "reason"; you can lie about me, pretend I'm not there. You can even write passionately about me whilst thinking you haven't even touched ground on me, but I am all your thoughts, projections, feelings, perceptions are made of. You can imagine "differentiation" between "you" and "I" all "you" like, but I am all you could ever be. I am the only essence which ever was or could be. I AM the only "thing" that could set you/me free. All and every--Nothing in particular.

I AM "the supreme being" permeating our infinities.
There is no difference between "you" or "I", silly dream...
Unfocused and jaded with collapse, still, there is no difference.
I am the Basic. All else is but expression of me.
If I "forgot", you would "re-member".

The point? That is for you to create.
I AM, after all, The Basic.

So... hungry...


i'm so restless... i'm not BORED but i'm at one of those points where i know what i know, but more importantly i know what i know isn't near enough(!), tho there is little i myself can do about that *right now in this moment*. i feel like i've been waiting and waiting for something... i realize how vague i'm sounding however if i myself had any idea what my soul is waiting for then i'd surely employ more detail. i am only sure of the incredible thirst for more which stirs yet unwinds me. all i know is this is uncannily like the surges of feeling experienced not terribly long before one experiences major personal shifts... one can never predict those kinds of things..

-sigh, breathe- in other olds (news), i awoke perplexed in a fit of laughter from an awesome! dream where i could manipulate the physical force field energies in & outside of myself. i was floating upside-down in my room! (though some other forces seemed to be involved with levitating my body.. hrmmm) it was all so simply natural, basic even. oddly, i thought the dream was "real" like this crazy world we inhabit ... usually when i'm dreaming it's like i'm watching a movie, but this time i was like REALLY altering the forces, i was REALLY levitating, just as i am now REALLY typing this into your brains. (how squishy your brains are! *zzzing-mush, zing-mushhh* =P)

what a tease!, i exclaimed upon my wake. ¿¿¿or is it??? O_o    O¯o heh
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